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Unlock your True Self and Lead with Intent

High Performance relies on being deliberate and intentional in everything you do. We will train you to deeply concentrate your attention, to eliminate distractions and to focus on what matters in the moment.

High Performers are always looking for Improvement

We are focused on outcomes and adding value. We see Leaders as the singular point of difference in an organisation, adding value by making a positive impact; having a positive influence on any given situation and on all of those involved, creating a positive ripple effect throughout the organisation and beyond.

Individual Growth

Most high performers have a coach to assist them with continued development. Every one of our coaches is an experienced high performer and Leader with a variety of tools, and will tailor the sessions to match your needs. We will show up and respond to you.

Thriving Organisations

We bespoke our journeys around a tried and tested framework, ensuring a collaborative, co-created programme. All of our journeys are grounded in High Performance behaviours and focused on measurable output.

Our High Performance Leadership process is a combination of self reflection and rigorous training, which gives you the ability and confidence to perform and create the effect you wish to cause.

The Deepsky Journey

Identifying Gaps

The first two phases are a triangulation of the requirements of the business, the sponsors and the individuals partaking in the development process in order to get to the Ground Truth of where we are starting from and where we want to be. Setting the foundations. We start with identifying what the gaps are. This can be done internally or externally, some clients run their own assessments, others may wish for support from us during this analysis. The gap could be a known requirement for an area of development before moving up a level or just a missing quality, which has thus far been difficult to pinpoint.

Targeting Needs and Moments

The next phase is targeting individual (and/or team) needs and identifying the Critical Moments in which the performance will be most crucial and have the most positive effect. These needs will be dependent on the experience and requirements of those specifically involved. Now we can confirm the Mission Success Criteria and fully understand the measurable deliverables.

Leadership Lab

With the Ground Truth established and the needs targeted we will then move into the Leadership Lab phase. This is where the magic happens. We will set the foundations and begin to build, initially focusing on mindset and strengths. New skills and behaviours are introduced through experiential learning, ensuring sustainable growth from the inside out. We teach, coach and mentor. Dependent on the situation, this could include peer support, gamification, techniques from the world of high performance to ensure the development of the corporate elite athlete. The fact that we have identified specific critical moments allows us to keep this context driven, relevant to your business; reflective work and forward planning will utilise real-work examples making the best use of time.

Leadership Simulation

Perhaps the strongest phase for sustained growth is the Leadership Simulation phase. This is where we put all of the new skills and behaviours into practice. Again making best use of your context, addressing your specific business challenges. We will rehearse, role play and wargame; bringing the training to life, immersing you in your upcoming critical moments to ensure you have the confidence and ability to go and perform at your best when you need it most.

Performing in Critical & Uncertain Moments

We recognise that, although Leaders always need to be on their game, there are Critical Moments when the positive impact will give an exponential added value. It is by performing at their best in these Critical Moments that Leaders have the most impact. Some of these moments are known, can be identified and fully prepared for; others will be unforeseen and uncertain. We will ensure that you are ready for everything you know about and anything you don’t. Your performance will also provide immediate feedback on your development, offering measurable results and bear witness to your success.

Praxis makes…Optimal Performance

Praxis is a more deliberate form of practice; combining action, knowledge and learning; continuous improvement through immediate feedback, ensuring that you are ready to perform when it really matters.