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Share, Learn, Grow

Join an exclusive community of leaders seeking to perform at their very best.

Who we are

Deepsky Leaders Community is an exclusive, invitation-only network for leaders of global organisations looking to strengthen their leadership skills and deliver outstanding performance. Share, learn, and grow by connecting with fellow high-performers across various industries and geographies through curated events, drop-in sessions, and insights.

Our community

From senior executives, to board-level leaders operating across multiple industries, the Deepsky Leaders Community brings together a diverse set of leaders, creating space for conversation and the sharing of unique and independent perspectives on common leadership challenges. Our community meets through quarterly structured engagements and online solution-focused drop-ins, tailored to the situations you’re facing.

Share insight and advice

In a world of constant change, learning should never stop. As such, we cannot overestimate how important it is to learn from those around you. Deepsky Leaders Community is a place to do just that. Our community offers a safe space to gather insight, and feedback, and share experiences to remind yourself that you are not alone. Listening to other’s leadership journeys can shine a light on your own path – bringing greater understanding of why you do what you do.

Many members of the community use the sessions to grow their network, connect with like-minded leaders, and gain valuable insight and advice to supercharge their leadership performance.

Our upcoming sessions

Our quarterly sessions are designed to share provocative content from industry-leading minds, to expand your perspective, and gain expert advice.

Nick Greenstock

February 2024

Nick Greenstock
Navigating complexity in a new era of geopolitics

Join us for a comprehensive discussion on understanding the geopolitical landscape, its implications for your organisation, and strategic approaches to succeed in a dynamic global environment.

Nick Greenstock is the co-founder and CEO of Gatehouse. He is the primary point of contact for Gatehouse’s expert network of over 3000 contributors.

Past sessions

Vanessa van Edwards

MAY 2023

Vanessa van Edwards
The science of people

Rich Diviney

October 2023

Rich Diviney
Leadership attributes

Companies we’re proud to have as part of our community

Black & Decker