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Andy Salmon

Chairman and Partner

Andy Salmon

Andy brings his leadership and high-performance experience gained from 36 years of serving with the Royal Marines, combined with 10 years in the commercial world and in the performing arts.

He helps senior leaders and often their teams co-create journeys to success, injects high performance and nudges them along. This is for blue chip clients across a variety of sectors.

He coaches executive leaders 1:1 to strengthen their performance and overcome any challenge, and also delivers keynote speeches.

With Tom Donald, film composer and jazz-classic concert pianist, they founded The General and The Maestro, which uses improvisation to help organisations innovate.

Andy also created Journey Through Conflict, fusing story, music, art, and culture to co-create performances that help alleviate suffering from a diverse range of conflicts.

He spent 36 years in the Royal Marines and was former Commandant General Royal Marines – head of service. He led in myriad conflicts at all levels, including as Commanding General Coalition Forces in Basra, 2008-9.

He is Chairman of Deepsky, an associate of the LSE, Board member of Plan for Peace, and founding Board member of Power Brain Shop, a German tech AI start-up.

He loves sport and sings as much as possible.

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