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Creating a generative shift in Leadership Performance

We prepare Leaders to perform in critical moments and Thrive in uncertainty

Why Deepsky?

Every day business leaders face critical challenges, often for the first time, and often without a clear view of how that impacts where they want to go.

We develop High Performing Leaders to be best prepared for any opportunity they face; with the confidence to perform, create growth and Inspire Positive Change throughout their organisation.

We are here to make sure that if your opportunity is tomorrow, you are ready today.

Learn from those who have trodden a similar path on a familiar journey. We have seen how great Leadership creates a Positive Ripple of improvement and wellbeing throughout the organisation and beyond. How it inspires and empowers individuals to reach their full potential, fosters a culture of growth and innovation and drives the collective success of the team. Our High Performance Leadership process is a combination of self reflection and rigorous training, which gives you the ability and confidence to perform. Create the effect you wish to cause.

Our Leaders

Chris Whipp

Chris Whipp


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Andy Salmon

Andy Salmon CMG OBE

Chairman and Partner

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Helen Cottle

Customer Engagement & Talent Management

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Jules Kareld

Executive Assistant

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